Czech Republic

Diocesan Caritas Brno is a non-profit organization founded in 1922 and the mission is concerning in variety needs of people with social disadvantage. Our projects annually attend more than 50,000 people in need.
Our mission is to help the unemployed cope with their difficult situations and support them in finding work .
To use our service you must be over 18 years old , unemployed and meet one of the following conditions :
• persons unemployed for more than six months
• Persons aged 50 years
• People with basic education
• A person without a stable job – the person who is in the last year can not find a job for longer than three months , or only works occasionally
• Person released from prison – up to 6 months after the end of the sentence
• Refugees


What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or
expertise of key persons involved in this project?


A) Professional Social Counselling – Social worker and juris-consultants provide social and law counselling. Counselling is a low threshold, they are accessible to all interested in the service. Debits counselling is solved individually and the client is provided help throughout the all process of deleveraging. Service helps to ensure the client to overcome the crisis and unfavourable living conditions and situations and be fully integrated into broader social ties and social networks.
B) Counselling for citizens /refugees– social counselling for foreigners with all types of residence over asylum seekers and holders of international protection. Since 2009 the counselling is working as a partner in the project Southern Regional Centre for Integration of Foreigners, under which serves up advice to third-country nationals with long-term and permanent residence. Counsellling will next year focus increasingly on fieldwork. This activity is directly linked to the legal advice provided by the office of the Diocesan Caritas.

B) EU-funded projects in support of asylum seekers and holders of international protection are also provided as well as the leisure club for children and other multicultural activities.
Counselling services for foreigners:
– free basic professional social and legal assistance
– raise awareness about the legal status of foreigners and fundamental cultural and social norms in order to avoid social exclusion and isolation, eliminate social tensions and instability
– promotion the access on the labour market
– inform foreign nationals of their rights and responsibilities in the legislative area with comprehensive professional advice
– prevention of racism and xenophobia.