TUT Meeting in Estonia 2018

5.9 Wednesday

19:50 Meeting in Hotel Lobby
20:00 Dinner – Overview of the Program

06.09. Thursday

I have booked us a conference room in The Consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church and we will walk there together right after the breakfast in the hotel.

08:00 Breakfast at the hotel
08:40 Leaving the Hotel for the Consistory.
09:00 – 12:00
Welcome and prayer from an EELC representative Bishop

Anneli Viks from from the Ministry of the Interior of the Citizenship and Migration Policy
Department will do a presentation and discussion panel on the topic of International Protection System

We will be joined by Anu Viltrop from Estonian Refugee Council NGO and we will find out more about the refugee situation in Estonia, how the organization has developed over the past years and what have been the main struggles.

The Estonian Experience. Meeting with Bilal and his family to hear the first hand experience and perspective from a refugee family that chose to settle down in Nõva, Estonia.

12:00 Departure to Vao parish

13:40 Round Discussion in the Vao Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers and meeting with centre workers, locals and refugees living there.
15:45 Lunch
16:30 Departure to Tallinn
18:00 Visit to Caritas Estonia at the amazing Pirita Convent which was a monastery for nuns dedicated to St. Brigitta.
20:00 Dinner and discussion

07.09 Friday

09.00 Meeting in the Consistory.
We will go through the project booklet put together by Diana
Presentation and evaluation of the feedback from the Hungarian meeting
We will discuss and modify the project webpage (please send info you would like to be on there.)
Discussion and group work on best practices from partner countries for improving the ‘unknown trainers’ competences.
Finalization of the last newsletter
12.00 Diplomas, goodbyes & departures.