The Association of saint Andrew (Associazione sant’ Andrea) is open to all people, Italian and migrants under conditions of uncomfortable and realizes aid operations and primary care as well as moral support and spiritual.
The Association intends to offer, through its volunteers and employees and in compliance current legislation, personal care services and the initial reception of homeless people. To do this, the Association aims to act in partnership with other civil and religious organizations, public and private institutions, healthcare companies, engaged in helping disadvantaged people and difficult conditions economic, health and social care.

The Association carries out the necessary activities in favour of the person who for reasons various is wounded dignity or disoriented in his everyday life through the following main activities:
-welcome and listening to every person who enters the headquarters of the association through: the provision of a warm and hospitable place; talks individual votes in deepening the motivations and the path that led the present state of discomfort; evaluation and detection of a possible response to the discomfort emerged from listening to the person in distress; orientation the person to the most suitable answer to his problem;
– I mediate action in emergencies, through a first reception Daytime aimed to personal hygiene with showers and outpatient services doctor;
– contact and collaboration, including with any agreements with institutions and / or Reality Educational institutions both private and public in the territory;
– information and periodic awareness of Community Parish present in the Vicariate in the diocese of Adria-Rovigo with particular reference to those City of Rovigo, on the poverty and hardships in the territory;
– training activities;
– the Association intends to promote volunteering and solidarity among young people and the citizens of the province of Rovigo as a fundamental value of coexistence and development of the community;
– the volunteer organization operates in the province of Rovigo

The Association pursues exclusively purposes of social solidarity and more specifically the development of the person , carrying out activities of social assistance and social health , accompanying at work and mediation at providing employment , housing inclusion, as well as educational, education , protection of civil rights , in favour of disadvantaged people due to conditions of physical, psychological , economic , social or family disadvantage , without pursuing of any for-profit.
It has over 30 volunteers and 3 full time employees directly, while there are other 3 fulltime employees in Caritas Rovigo, which is the main organization body, to whom Associazione sant’ Andrea is essential linked and dependent.


What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or
expertise of key persons involved in this project?


The association welcome migrants that everyday knock on the door of Caritas and association, that has its headquarter in the building of the Caritas of Rovigo.
The association, through their employees and volunteers, offers listening, help, legislative support, satisfaction of primary and basic needs, linguistic and cultural mediation and support.
It has part of regional and national network of Caritas Veneto, North-East and Italiana, so it has involved in several projects of Caritas about migrants, asylum seekers, refugee, homeless, women victims of exploitation and abuse.
Rovigo, even if ii is a medium city of Regione Veneto, is becoming a centre for social experimentation about social inclusion of migrants through a called ‘diffusive welcoming’, means some local families host in their home the migrants who have a minimum level of integration with Italian language and culture.
The staff involves in the project are a Europroject manager (Michele Trabucco), a researcher and area coordinator (Alessandro Sovera), a referent of migrants (Irene Rigobello) and volunteers.